I feel. And, I write what I feel. 

Merely write when I feel :  

I miss my high school friends who became mothers, but cannot be reached now.
My heart was beating by overhearing about my sister’s love affair on the hill.
I wanted to hug my exhausted shoulder caused by a beloved male teacher leaving.
I recalled my keenly cyan-green longings for the past.
My churning mind runs away into faint foggy air.
I wanted to hear my mother operating a sewing machine.
Garden Zinnia became bloody dark red due to a full moon.
Rain shower shake my turbulent heart.
I needed courage from a fear of  life.


I am saying...


As a human being, I live with many memories, both good and bad. I express the memories of my life as abstract landscapes, but these landscapes lie beyond life itself. My memories are filtered and purified by time on the lake of what I call my soul. In this way, I create swaying and shimmering colorful shadows. This emotional expression of sincerity and truth come from the depth of my soul. This essence cannot be described even by abstract forms. As I choose the colors, the defining forms, and patterns of papers, I develop a kind of Zen that comes from my deepest soul, as if wine begins to ripen. Finally I realize that life is beautiful no matter my past were.





-        BFA, Purchase  College, State University of New York, 2010

-        The Art Students League of New York, 2012-2013



    Solo Exhibition


-        2016  Solo Exhibition “Beyond Visual Voice”  Piermont Flywheel Gallery,  NY

-        2015  Solo Exhibition “Letter-scape” Piermont Flywheel Gallery, NY

-        2013  Solo Exhibition “ My Visual Essay” Piermont Flywheel Gallery, NY

-        2012 Solo Exhibition "My Diary in Landscapes" Riverside Gallery, NJ

     Selected Art Fairs

-        2017 Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY

-        2016 New York Art Expo, New York, NY

-        2015 Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY

-        2015 Aqua Art Show, Miami, FL

-        2014 Fountain Art Fair, New York, NY

-        2012 Bolt Art Fair, Tenri Cultural Institute, NY

-        2012 Bolt Art Fair, Fullerton, CA

-        2011 Gwang Hwa Moon Int’l Art Fair, Seoul Korea


    Group Exhibition


-        “Parthibition”, Space Ciel Gallery, NJ

-        Edward Hopper Center Member Exhibition, Union Arts Center, NY

-        “Art as Sanctuary” NYSWA Group Exhibition, Mikhail Zakin Gallery, NJ

-        Featured Exhibition “East meet West”, Lslip Art Museum, NY



-        Annual Member Exhibition, Edward Hopper Center, Nyack, NY

-        “The Primacy of Color II”, NYSWA Group Exhibition, Mikhail Zakin Gallery, NJ

-        Featured Exhibition “Dynamic Dimensions”, Belskie Museum, NJ

-        Featured PAC Group Exhibition “Prism of life”, Henry Gallery, PA

-        Drawing Room Group Exhibition, Washington Cultural Center, WA.DC

-        “The Primacy of Color III”, Carriage Barn, CT

-        Feature Exhibition “Multi-Lane II” , Demouzy Contemporary, NY

-        Feature Exhibition , “Queens : Envisioning Habitats”, Flushing Town Hall, NY



-        Annual Member Exhibition, Edward Hopper Center, Nyack, NY

-        The 37th Annual Juried  Exhibition at Monmouth Museum, Lincroft,  NJ

-        OCG Artist Guild Spring Group Exhibition, Greenville, IL

-        Juried Member Exhibition, Da Vinci Art Alliance, PA

-        Group Exhibition, Montgomery County Community College, Bluebell, PA

-        “NEXUS” Exhibition, Art’s Guild NJ’s International Juried  Exhibition, Rahway, NJ

-        “Syncretized”  Drawing Room Group Exhibition, Space 776, Brooklyn, NY

-        “The Primacy of Color”, NYSWA Group Exhibition, George Bills Gallery, NY



-        PAC Group exhibition “Colors of Korea”, The Henry Gallery, PA

-        Group Exhibition “Size Matters”, Piermont Flywheel Gallery, NY

-        OCG artist guild spring group exhibition, Greenville, IL

-        “Youth Art Award & Invitational Art Exhibition”, Jersey City, NJ

-        Featured Exhibition “Bridge to Korea”,  IHOUSEPHILLY, PA

-        “Replenished” Drawing Club 4th group Exhibition, Hutchins Gallery, NY

-        “Something Cool”, group Exhibition, Da Vinchi Art Alliance, PA

-        Group Exhibition of NYSWA, Library of Weill Cornell, NY

-        “Common Interest” Drawing Club 5th group Exhibition, Nabi Museum, NJ

-        “Solstice” Holiday group exhibition, Piermont Flywheel Gallery, NY

-        Featured Group Exhibition “Last Year Show 2015”, Nabi Museum, NJ



-        “Member Exhibition”, Edward Hopper House, NY

-        “Invitational Exhibition”, Art Transform Gallery, NY

-        Drawing Club Group Exhibition “Nature”, Powerhouse Books, NY

-        “Emerging-scape” Triple Exhibition, Flushing Town Hall, NY



-        PAC Group Show “Unspoken Story”, Da Vinci Art Alliance, PA

-        “The First Sextet” Drawing Room  Exhibition, Riverside Gallery, NJ

-        The 2nd Annual Homeless Benefit Event, NY

-        PAC group exhibition, KCC Bennett Gallery, NJ

-        Trio Exhibition, Highwire Gallery, PA

-        Group exhibition ”Honor Reward” Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, NY

-        Member exhibition, Edward Hopper House, NY



-       Group Exhibition, Manhattan Borough President's Office, NY

-        Group exhibition, Philip Jaisohn Gallery, PA

-        “Journey III “ St.Asaph Gallery, PA

-        “Journey II”  Da Vinci Art Alliance, PA

-        Annual Member Exhibition of Edward Hopper House Art Center,  NY



-        “Small But Significant” Philip Jaisohn Gallery,  PA

-        “Asian:American –Homogenous”, The Asian Art Initiative,  PA

-        Featured for “Grand Opening Exhibition,  Art & Light Gallery,  CA

-        “Side by Side”  Exhibition, Highwire Gallery,  PA

-        Gwang Hwa Moon Int’l  Art Fair in Seoul, Korea

-        “Dialog without Walls, Philip Jaisohn Gallery, PA


Awards | Selected Publications and Reviews


              .        Selected work “Personal Speaking”, International House of Phil(IHP) Juried Exhibition, PA / 2018

              .        Blastingnews Interview 2017 :


.        The 3rd prize at Da Vinci Art Alliance Juried Member Exhibition, PA / 2016

·        The 2nd prize of Fall Exhibition of OCG Artist Guild Gallery, IL /2016

-       Selected “NEXUS” Art’s Guild NJ’s International Juried  Exhibition, Rahway, NJ / 2016

·       Selected  Artist, The 37th Annual Juried  Exhibition at Monmouth Museum, Lincroft,  NJ / 2015

·       Korean KTC TV Broadcast Interview : https://www.dropbox.com/s/x9eee9fv2h50mhz/INT_Sue%20Im%20Koo.mp4?dl=0

              .       Selected/Featured artist on “The Artist Catalogue”, Vol.4-Issue 4,Winter 2015


             .       Honorable featuring artist of The Artist Portfolio Magazine(5th anniversary, 2016)

                      https://artistportfoliomagazine.wordpress.com/2016/01/23/sueim-koo- anniversary-art-exhibit/

             .        Selected Artist at Monmouth Museum 37th Annual Juried Exhibition, NJ / 2015

          .     The 1st prize of Spring Exhibition of Our Common Ground Artist Guild Gallery, IL / 2014 

             .       Selected work for “Art-Connection” program at Art-Reach, PA / 2013

             .       Artist of the Month, Edward Hopper Art Center, NY  /2013

             .       Selected  work for Manhattan Borough President’s Office, NY / 2012



·       Theressa L Davis Hope Center, PA

·       Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, PA

·       Korean Community Center, NJ

·       Many Private Collections



·       Member of Philadelphia Art Connections, PA

·       Member of Edward Hopper Center, NY

·       Member of New York Society of Women Artists, NY

·       Member of Drawing Room, NY

·       Member of Da Vinci  Art Alliance, PA