In my work I depict abstract landscapes that represent my emotions and memories. My primary source of inspiration is my diaries that I have kept since I was a teenager. I write about emotional and traumatic events, as well as everyday observations. There is one episode in my past that is particularly influential. When I was 17, the Jong-Ro neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea where I grew up was destroyed in accordance with our government’s modernization plan. When I saw bulldozers break down houses one by one, I felt that the significance of my teenage years was being torn down. Decades later as an adult I began to make art based on passages from my teenage diary as a way of coming to terms with the loss of my childhood home. In recent years my work refers to other experiences and ideas, but it continues to be directly inspired by my writing.

I interpret the moments recorded in the pages of my diary in dreamlike scenes that allude to the natural world. Rather than literal depictions of nature, my paintings are like interior or spiritual landscapes, representing thoughts, feelings, and memories. Each work is based on an excerpt from my diary, with titles taken directly from its pages. Stories are told through color, composition, and form. My process involves painting the background and then overlaying scraps of paper on the surface. I use rice paper as well as paper I have painted on or found in magazines. Each piece of paper is like a memory, attached one by one to the canvas. Forms and colors have meaning: a mountain shape is a metaphor for an obstacle in life, lines represent permanency, green stands for longing and hope, and yellow symbolizes enlightenment and transience. As I choose the colors, the defining forms, and patterns of papers, I develop a kind of Zen that comes from my deepest soul.

My process is not about creating something aesthetically pleasing, but rather a means of reconstructing and interpreting memories. In my work I seek to find something that I could never reach, recover the past that has been lost, and capture moments from the present and the future. My landscapes are, in a sense, the story and the journey of my life.


-        BFA, Purchase  College, State University of New York, 2010

-        The Art Students League of New York, 2012-2013


Solo Exhibition


-        2016  Solo Exhibition “Beyond Visual Voice”  Piermont Flywheel Gallery,  NY

-        2015  Solo Exhibition “Letter-scape” Piermont Flywheel Gallery, NY

-        2013  Solo Exhibition “ My Visual Essay” Piermont Flywheel Gallery, NY

- 2013 Artist of the Month, Edward Hopper Art Center, NY

-       2012  Solo Exhibition “My Diary in Landscapes”  Riverside Gallery, NJ


Selected Art Fairs


-        2017 Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY

-        2016 New York Art Expo, New York, NY

-        2015 Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY

-        2015 Aqua Art Show, Miami, FL

-        2014 Fountain Art Fair, New York, NY

-        2012 Bolt Art Fair, Tenri Cultural Institute, NY

-        2012 Bolt Art Fair, Fullerton, CA

-        2011 Gwang Hwa Moon Int’l Art Fair, Seoul Korea


Group Exhibition


-        Edward Hopper Center Member Exhibition, Bell-Ans Center for Creative Arts, NY

-        PAC Group Exhibition , the100th Independence Movement, Plays & Players Theater, PA

- Featured Group Exhibition, Boswell Gallery of Kaskaskia College, IL

-         Featured Exhibition “Threads & Pigment”, Flushing Town Hall, NY

- Featured Exhibition “Mono Prismatic Scene”, Queens College Art Center, NY

- Selected Juried Exhibition “Far & Wide National”, Woodstock Artists Association, NY

- Selected Juried Exhibition “89th Annual Juried Exhibition”, National Art League, NY

- Selected Juried Exhibition, Rockland County Pride, NY

- NYSWA LIC Arts Pop UP Exhibition, NY

- NYSWA Group Exhibition, Blue Mountain Gallery, NY


-        “Parthibition”, Space Ciel Gallery, NJ

-        Edward Hopper Center Member Exhibition, Union Arts Center, NY

-        “Art as Sanctuary” NYSWA Group Exhibition, Mikhail Zakin Gallery, NJ

-        Featured Exhibition “East meet West”, Lslip Art Museum, NY

-        “Personal Speaking” selected by Juried Exhibition of IHOPHILLY, PA

-        “Art in Life”, PAC Group Exhibition, NoBA Art Space, Bala Cynwyd, PA

-        “Art & Soul” NYSWA Group Exhibition, Prince Street Gallery, NY

-        “Relishing Restraint”, Juried Exhibition, Loft Artists Association Gallery, CT

-        38th Annual Faber Birren National Color award Juried Exhibition, The Stamford Art Ass. CT

-        “Insight in Sight” NYSWA Group Exhibition, Art League of Long Island, NY



-        Annual Member Exhibition, Edward Hopper Center, Nyack, NY

-        “The Primacy of Color II”, NYSWA Group Exhibition, Mikhail Zakin Gallery, NJ

-        Featured Exhibition “Dynamic Dimensions”, Belskie Museum, NJ

-        Featured PAC Group Exhibition “Prism of life”, Henry Gallery, PA

-        “Evolving” Drawing Room Group Exhibition, Washington Cultural Center, WA.DC

-        “The Primacy of Color III”, NYSWA Group Exhibition, Carriage Barn Art Center,  CT

-        Feature Exhibition “Multi-Lane II” , Demouzy Contemporary, NY

-        Feature Exhibition , “Queens : Envisioning Habitats”, Flushing Town Hall, NY



-        Annual Member Exhibition, Edward Hopper Center, Nyack, NY

-        The 37th Annual Juried  Exhibition at Monmouth Museum, Lincroft,  NJ

-        OCG Artist Guild Spring Juried Exhibition, Greenville, IL

-        Juried Member Exhibition, Da Vinci Art Alliance, PA

-        Group Exhibition, Montgomery County Community College, Bluebell, PA

-        “NEXUS” Exhibition, Art’s Guild NJ’s International Juried  Exhibition, Rahway, NJ

-        “Syncretized”  Drawing Room Group Exhibition, Space 776, Brooklyn, NY

-        “The Primacy of Color”, NYSWA Group Exhibition, George Bills Gallery, NY



-        PAC Group exhibition “Colors of Korea”, The Henry Gallery, PA

-        Group Exhibition “Size Matters”, Piermont Flywheel Gallery, NY

-        OCG artist guild spring  Juried exhibition, Greenville, IL

-        “Youth Art Award & Invitational Art Exhibition”, Jersey City, NJ

-        Featured Exhibition “Bridge to Korea”,  IHOUSEPHILLY, PA

-        “Replenished” Drawing Club 4th group Exhibition, Hutchins Gallery, NY

-        “Something Cool”, group Exhibition, Da Vinchi Art Alliance, PA

-        Group Exhibition of NYSWA, Library of Weill Cornell, NY

-        “Common Interest” Drawing Club 5th group Exhibition, Nabi Museum, NJ

-        “Solstice” Holiday group exhibition, Piermont Flywheel Gallery, NY

-        Featured Group Exhibition “Last Year Show 2015”, Nabi Museum, NJ



-        “Member Exhibition”, Edward Hopper House, NY

-        “Invitational Exhibition”, Art Transform Gallery, NY

-        Drawing Club Group Exhibition “Nature”, Powerhouse Books, NY

-        “Emerging-scape” Triple Exhibition, Flushing Town Hall, NY


-        PAC Group Show “Unspoken Story”, Da Vinci Art Alliance, PA

-        “The First Sextet” Drawing Room  Exhibition, Riverside Gallery, NJ

-        The 2nd Annual Homeless Benefit Event, NY

-        PAC group exhibition, KCC Bennett Gallery, NJ

-        Trio Exhibition, Highwire Gallery, PA

-        Group exhibition ”Honor Reward” Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, NY

-        Member exhibition, Edward Hopper House, N



-        Group Exhibition,  Manhattan Borough President’s Office, NY

-        Group exhibition, Philip Jaisohn Gallery, PA

-        “Journey III “ St.Asaph Gallery, PA

-        “Journey II”  Da Vinci Art Alliance, PA

-        Annual Member Exhibition of Edward Hopper House Art Center,  NY



-        “Small But Significant” Philip Jaisohn Gallery,  PA

-        “Asian:American –Homogenous”, The Asian Art Initiative,  PA

-        Featured for “Grand Opening Exhibition,  Art & Light Gallery,  CA

-        “Side by Side”  Exhibition, Highwire Gallery,  PA

-        “Dialog without Walls, Philip Jaisohn Gallery, PA



Awards | Selected Publications and Reviews

- ‘Honorable Mention’ on Juried Exhibition of Rockland County Pride Center, NY

- Emerald Award “Abstract” on Juried Exhibition of Gallery Ring, 2019

·       Selected work “Personal Speaking”, International House of Phil(IHP) Juried Exhibition, PA / 2018

·       The honorable mention on Int’l Fine Art on line juried competition, “Abstract 2018” at Art-Competition,2018


·       Blastingnews Interview 2017 :


·       The 3rd prize at Da Vinci Art Alliance Juried Member Exhibition, PA / 2016

·       The 2nd prize of Fall Exhibition of OCG Artist Guild Gallery, IL /2016

·       Selected “NEXUS” Art’s Guild NJ’s International Juried  Exhibition, Rahway, NJ / 2016

·       Honorable featuring artist of The Artist Portfolio Magazine(5th anniversary, 2016)


                   sueim-koo- anniversary-art-exhibi

·       Selected  Artist, The 37th Annual Juried  Exhibition at Monmouth Museum, Lincroft,  NJ / 2015

·       Korean KTC TV Broadcast Interview : https://www.dropbox.com/s/x9eee9fv2h50mhz/INT_Sue%20Im%20Koo.mp4?dl=0

·       Selected/Featured artist on “The Artist Catalogue”, Vol.4-Issue 4,Winter 2015


·       Selected Artist at Monmouth Museum 37th Annual Juried Exhibition, NJ / 2015

·      The 1st prize of Spring Exhibition of Our Common Ground Artist Guild Gallery, IL / 2015

·       Selected work for “Art-Connection” program at Art-Reach, PA / 2013

·       Artist of the Month, Edward Hopper Art Center, NY  /2013

·       Selected  work for Manhattan Borough President’s Office, NY / 2012



·       Theressa L Davis Hope Center, PA

·       Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, PA

·       Korean Community Center, NJ

·       Many Private Collections



·       Member of Philadelphia Art Connections, PA

·       Member of Edward Hopper Center, NY

·       Member of New York Society of Women Artists, NY

·       Member of Drawing Room, NY

·       Member of Hudson Valley MOCA, NY